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Porcellio scaber "Spanish orange" Isopod

Porcellio scaber "Spanish orange" Isopod

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10 count of Porcellio scaber "Spanish orange"

The "giant orange" line was originally isolated from Spanish scaber collected by Orin McMongle, and has now been commonly referred to as "Spanish orange" to avoid confusion. It has since been widely bred as the color, size, and breeding behavior makes them a welcome addition to many terrariums.

This isopod produces a wide variety of orange patterning and variants, but stays on the lighter side of orange.

This species is a little slower to breed than other porcellios, but once they do so the broods are a good size and the culture will grow quickly.

Origin: Spain

Temperature Ranges: 70-84º Fahrenheit

Humidity Percentage: Medium

Isopod Size: 1.7 Centimeters

Breeding Difficulty: Easy

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