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Organic Orchid Bark

Organic Orchid Bark

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Orchid growers favorite: Orchids like to grow in an environment that drains quickly and moist enough.  Our bark can create such a perfect environment with excellent drainage and air circulation to promote root growth of your plants.

Professional process: Our bark for plants have undergone the necessary fermentation, high-temperature processing and exposure, can be stored for a long time. 

Orchid friendly: This excellent natural pine barks is very suitable for orchid planting, and our pine bark can be mixed well with other growing medium to make a new and excellent substrate for plants. 

Due to the obvious advantages of pine bark, you can also use it as a mulch cover for houseplants and garden to protect plants and effectively maintain the health of your plant.

Outstanding quality: Our Pine bark chips are convenient and durable. They can help prevent root rot and the bark structure is tough and can be used for a long time.  It is suitable for Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums, Oncidiums, and all epiphytic orchids and other potted plants.

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