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Shady Exotics

Isopod Starter Kit

Isopod Starter Kit

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This is the perfect kit for someone just starting to collect isopods or the established collector. This complete kit comes with an acrylic enclosure with lid and ventilation, Shady Exotics isopod substrate, sphagnum moss, decaying wood, moss, cuttlebone, bark, leaf litter, and 2 plants.

The acrylic enclosure is clear with ventilation holes on the sides and measures 10.5 x 14.75 x 5.75. It is the perfect size for your isopods and the clear sides allow you to see your isopods anytime you want without disturbing them.

Shady Exotics isopod substrate is specifically made for isopods. It is rich in nutrients and retains moisture better than normal soil, which will help your isopods to thrive. The leaf litter, decaying wood, and moss are isopods natural food source. The sphagnum moss will help keep one side of the enclosure moister than the other. The cuttlebone is a alternative calcium source for your little pets and the plants bring your enclosure to life.

Shady Exotics isopod starter kit includes:

-Acrylic enclosure dimensions: 10.5 x 14.75 x 5.75
-Shady Exotics isopod substrate
-Sphagnum moss
-Decaying wood
-moss (variety may vary)
- bark
-leaf litter
-2 plants (plants may vary)
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