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Nesodillo archangeli "Shiro Utsuri" Isopod

Nesodillo archangeli "Shiro Utsuri" Isopod

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10 count of Nesodillo archangeli "Shiro Utsuri"

Previously believed to be Cubaris sp., "Shiro Utsuri" have now been categorized as Nesodillo archangeli. This variety of isopod is from southern Asia. Shiro Utsuri isopods present with black spots on an all white base and is a representation of the dalmatian gene. The name was inspired by the Japanese koi fish "Shiro Utsuri" which has a white base and black spots; this variety of isopods was originally exported from Japan.

Origin: Taiwan

Temperature Ranges: 75-80º Fahrenheit

Humidity Percentage: High

Isopod Size: 1.5 Centimeters

Breeding Difficulty: Intermediate
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